09 April 21 - Sonthi Limthongkun was Shot

It was a habit for me to watch the news while having my breakfast, and I was surprised when I heard of this while I was having my breakfast..

"Yellow shirts' leader Sondhi Limthongkul shot" <--- Source of News


Sondhi Limthongkul is in serious condition

BANGKOK: -- Sondhi Limthongkul is in serious condition after being shot as a bullet hit his left skull. The bullet is still in his skull, causing bleeding inside his brain, Vajira Hospital Director Dr Chaiwun Charoenchoktavee said Friday.

Doctors are conducting an urgent operation on Sondhi and the operation is expected to finish around noon.

Sondhi, a core leader of yellow shirts, known also as People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), who seized Bankok airports late last year, has no wounds on his body.

His driver, Vayupak Mussi, was also seriously wounded from the attack. Doctors said later that he survived and was now in stable condition.

Meanwhile PAD's spokesman Parnthep Pualpongpan said at least two attackers riding on a pickup blocked Sondhi's vehicle who was on Samsen Road, heading to Manager newspaper office in Banglampoo area early Friday morning.

The attackers then shot four tyres of Sondhi's vehicle before stepping out of their car and sprayed more bullets on the car. The attack lasted about five minutes and the attackers went back to their pickup which sped away along Tevet Road.

Police who rushed to the scene found Sondhi's car riddled with bullets and they could collect more than cartridges of AK-16 and rifles from the scene.

Parnthep said Sondhi was informed of reports that he could possible a target of attack, but he simply ignored the warnings.

Meanwhile Chamnong Paokorn, 53, a bus driver, said that he was driving his bus past Iamworanut Temple when he saw a blue pickup truck which had no license plate blocked Sondhi's vehicle.

Then two men on the back of the pickup then opened fires on the vehicle. Then another vehicle sped to the scene and exchanged fires with the attackers who later escaped the scene.


This is what happened to the car.

As you can see..

He was lucky, but there was a few questions of why, and how did he survived..
If the gunman had those 3 heavy arms, the gunman should have at least a grenade for a sure kill..

Whether the gunman is a militant or not, Sonthi appears to be safe.
Wish him the best please.

PS: He was wearing a Jatukhraam Ramathaeed Run Thi 31 if I was right.

We'll see the price skyrocketting soon.



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