09 Apr 11 - ASEAN Summit Cancelled

ASEAN Summit cancelled after protest! <-- News from EarthTimes.
Held in Royal Cliff Beach Resort.

Following the occupation of the main road a few days ago in Bangkok, Red Shirt leaders had announced for their men to relocate to Pattaya, and stop the Prime Minister Aphisit from holding the ASEAN Summit.

It doesnt take long before the policemen were unable to hold them back, considering, it was said that most of the policemen were unaesthetic at stopping the demonstrator.

I dont know how true it is, but the red shirt claimed to have been attacked by a 'bomb' and gunmen on their way to the Pattaya Hotel to stop the ASEAN Summit from happening.

This topic was used by the leaders to enraged their men and causes more rampage.

Within a few hours the whole Hotel was occupied with Red Shirts.

Just take a look at this, what a disgrace to the Kingdom!
Water Festival is on the next day after the Summit, and the timing was precise, once the ASEAN Summit is over, the leaders were able to take a look at the famous Songkran festival of Thailand.

But in the end..

Around 1.30pm, the Red Shirt penerated through the defenses of the guards and wroke havoc in the Hotel, and Aphisit was forced to cancel the ASEAN Summit.

News was that some of the Red Shirts were in search of the Leader's room, but were unable to find it.

The economy tumbled, now Pattaya is deserted, you've done well Thaksin Shinawatra.


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