09 April 28 - Songkran Water Festival 2009

After a long day of hard work, finally...
Work's over.. Ignoring all the mess and tiredness...

5 of my friends came from Malaysia on the 11th, and we promised to have a full party tonight.

Obviously, it would be inappropriate to join the party wearing my work clothes, the easy solution was to, of course, to bring the entire shower set and clothes to Siew Lynn's room and take a shower there.

If you're wondering, it's something like this~

A different design though, so no sweat.

So yeah, back to the Water War Festival.
The entire Lee Garden area's a huge combat field, I had to leave my bag, cellphone and all electrical stuff (other than my IXUS) in the hotel.

Can you imagine what kind of mess are there?
Everywhere, every random people will shoot their water guns at you regardless of who you are.

(Brr, dont forget the water's cold too)

Not forgetting the traditional way of Thanking the Mother of Water who are providing us with sufficient water supply everyday. Though I have no picture of the Statue due to the danger present on my camera.

We did get the chance to pray before midnight..

Stay tuned at the Hat Yai party in the Songkran '09 Festival - Midnight Party!


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