09 April 03 - How to watch videos on Nintendo DS


Considering that there are 2 laptops in the medical office.
A few people who was consulting for medical advise from me always wondered what the "mini-laptop" on my table is (Black DS really looks like an "ultra-mini-laptop" from non-DS views). And what's that sound coming out from it.
Most usually takes a peek and some would ask about it..

At another point of view, I'm surprised how many DS owners I know were oblivious that the DS can be used as a video player. So this post, is for all of us out there.


Even with the lazy beary bear are bearing the bearish bear market, we all deserve to take a break even while on work.

Even with a Nintendo DS, it's boring if the only thing you can do with it is playing the games in it. Sometimes, I'd just wanna do my work without wasting my cellphone's battery and I had found a better solution than buying for a PSP (Which can be costly).

I actually have a more important task for the laptop, talk about watching those green-red-yellow company codes in the screen showing a bid-offer sells all the time with a "beep-beep" sound. But since I'm no professional investor just yet, I usually have the laptop online for medical assistance, and patient records.

So yeah, for those who are wondering how to watch a video in the DS, you will first need to have a few things ready:

- A functionable Nintendo DS (with these active equipments)
---> R4 Revolution for DS
---> A Micro SD
---> The latest MoonShell Version (I'm on 1.71)

- The Video File
- A Video Converter to convert the file into a DPG File Format
---> SUPER © <--- Click on the Link to download the fconverter program

Once you had all the neccessary equipments and softwares, you just have to convert the video file into a DPG File Format. Once you're done, you can watch the video with your Nintendo DS by the Multimedia feature in the MoonShell.

In case you are wondering how the graphic would be like...

Click on the image for a full view

Click on the image for a full view

It's not too bad, considering that the PSP works differently than the DS.
So looking in a bigger picture.

Click on the image for a full view

Click on the image for a full view

It's just the sound rate.. Increasing it to a 400x rate really makes it sounds bad..
I'll post up a video of it.

(PS: I'm not promoting this for the Nintendo Co., LTD. nor am I receiving any money from any a 2nd (or 3rd) party. Please do not use these information to compare and decide between buying a PSP and a Nintendo DS.)


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