08 May 29 - Help China from the Earthquake!

About a week ago, I had a scheduled meetings with the members in a Restaurant in the area next to Lee Garden Plaza Hotel.

It was around 6pm when I reached the area, was a bit free to take pictures of the shopping district.

Now, while I was walking around to kill time, I noticed something interesting.

Now I'm talking about the group of 8 people in the yellow shirt. I've seen them earlier in the morning but I'd never expect them to be here, at around 6.30pm.

The banner and sign they were holding consisted of 2 language, Thai and Chinese, and they were requesting donation to help the Chinese who suffered from the Earthquake in the mainland.

I've decided to take a closer look and do the best that I can to contribute to our fellow Chinese in the mainland, and hopefully, the little help would be able to at least help them to survive the ordeal.


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