08 May 25 - Playstation 3 and Devil May Cry 4

I was hesitating for this entry but here we go anyways.

I've not much free time nowdays, and whenever I do, I would feel bored and tend to find something to do.

I dont play much games nowdays but games was always my way to kill the occasional free time I have.

About a month ago, my brother decided to 'invest' in a Playstation 3.

(The infamous PS 3. This thing really drills a hole in your pocket you know.)

It was surprisingly bigger in size than when it was advertised for.
Cant play a game without a console without a game eh? So he got himself 2 games for the PS 3.

(Who's this guy in front of Dante?)

I didnt have much interest in the other game, Heavenly Sword. (part of the reason was because we're both stuck in a stage where none of us could accomplish the objective)

But personally, I've played all of the DMC series, and I've been looking forward to the latest of the Devil May Cry series.

Obviously, the first I'll do is to watch the trailer and start the game.

Here's just some screenshots of the start of the game.
(I wont be putting any spoilers, so feel free to continue reading if you're interested.)

(PS 3 was far better in term of graphic than it's ancestor, the PS 2, and DMC 4 just looked, awesome in PS 3.)

(Hey, Lady's back?)

After a long prologue..

( Apparently, Dante's the antagonist now.)

( While the guy on the right, is Nero, the protagonist.)

(Here's the battle against Dante, and you actually is in control of Nero in the battle against Dante.)

Now I just have to prove that it's a fact before someone will give me a
"What the hell? Dante's the antagonist? Bullshit!"

("Hey, you got a trick up your sleeves.")

(Dante's not the only stylish guy out there, and Nero isnt a slouch in these things as well.)

(I just had to take this scene. Let's consider this, a climax to conclude for the last screenshot.)

(Just like all other games out there, the antagonist must die.)

Gamers from the first Devil May Cry would possibly remember this event, but we're talking about Devil May Cry 4 here.

I guess that's really enough for now, sorry for the quality of the pics, but I dont feel like doing anything complicated in my free time, and I was somehow eager to get on with it. (Resized it as well.)

Oh and it's been about 2 weeks since I finished the whole game and I can still keep it goin' on the Hard Mode. A pretty nice game, and I'd give it an 8/10 as I'm enjoy almost all of the DMC series.

Dont miss your chance, grab and enjoy the thrill if Devil May Cry 4 !



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