08 May 12 - Reformat

One thing when I really hate on computer works are 'reformatting.'

What's worse is that when you have to 'reformat' Drive C just because it was infected by a virus accidentally caused by someone who shares the PC with you.

It's either do-it-yourself, or take it to the technician and pay some money and wait for a few days.
Paying some money isnt a problem for me, but waiting for a week IS the problem.

I've a project work to finish and I've to follow the market changes every now and then.

After a day of grinding, the Windows actually looks a lot nicer than the old one.
All I need are just some programs to fill me up.

Personal Laptop anyone?


karen clover said…
eww... I hate to format my computer also. even though after format all the virus are gone and the computer run faster, I just hate to re-install those program I used, after install need restart some more. lazy to wait,hehe.

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