08 May 26 - SET Fell due to the political idiocy

One of the worst day of 2008 for me, I feel really 'tulan' now.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand fell for more than 2% which affects me directly.

I dont blame oil price, but the primary concern was due to what the people who hunger for power and the anti-Thaksin coalition.

Ever since "Thaksin set foot in his Homeland", there were some people who were afraid of his money and had tried to drive him back into an outcast.

Well, so if you wonder, yesterday was the night for the anti-Thaksin to start a huge coalition movements and had gone around rampaging around Bangkok. Hitting citizens who oppose their idea with weapons and even resisted against the policemen who tried to re-establish order in the area.

To sum it all:

Thailand had entered into another political crisis situation!


Anonymous said…
I think in most of South East Asian country we are suffer from the lack of good and clean politician who has a good heart and real agenda to help it's people, there is always a political collide among them and claiming that their party is the best for the sake of country development which pretty much is just a gimmick and campaign jargons, so that what happen in my country here, still pretty much problem among politician, and now petrol is just rising up 28,7%, I think this uncertain situation is resulted from the double facet of a businessman which at the same time act as the country decision maker, so they will always stay in the 'cross road' between make them self richer or build the country.

What we can do is just wait and as much as we can do not vote for a bad party and politician.

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