08 April 7 - Pharmacist Course Extended to 6 years?

I rad something ridiculous in the Pharmacist's monthly Magazine.

Pharmacist's Class are extended to 6 years from 5 years.

Now it's totally ridiculous where people started messing up with everything, especially with the education system. Thailand has been in the World's Top 10 List of steroid distributor, and the government are obviously trying to 'buat nama' for themselves. It's not HOW LONG people study, but it's their MORAL education.

Seriously, I've seen many Doctors dispensing alpazolams, diazepams and the drugs in the Benzodiazepines to the poor citizens who were only having headache until most of them are addicted to the drug.

I've seen Doctors putting steroids in their so called 'Vitamin Supplements' so the consumer will feel 'strong' whenever they consumed it. The downside? Those patients will suffer low bone density soon enough.

Anyways, although my friends and I are interested in opening our own E-Pharma up, we're still debating whether we do want to dispense steroids or not, as there are too many legal laws that we had to deal with if we decided to do so.

I'm done with my rants, but I'd like to know about the pharmacist courses in other countries, and how long it'll take you to graduate.



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