08 May 08 - Milimed's to expand to Malaysia

We were notified several days ago, that Milimed, a Thai manufacturing company, plans to expand their products and had requested a company in Malaysia to be their dealer and distributor.

Obviously, the company in Malaysia was uncertain that Milimed product could do any good to take over the market from Strepsil. (They plan to take over Strepsil's market.)
Thus, the Malaysians has decided to tour around Hat Yai, and to inspect for Milimed's popularity in Thailand.

Now, Milimed had to do any means necessary to increase their reputation in Hat Yai, and our pharmacy was entrusted with their product's stand.

Tomorrow, the President of Milimed and the CEO of the Dealer will come to the pharmacy for a short discussion with us regarding the quality of Milimed's product.

How interesting, I wonder how things will turn up, but again, I wouldnt mind to be given the chance to relocate to Malaysia once again.

*Hopes for something interesting for me from both companies tomorrow.*


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