08 May 15 - Problems with Mail

Been busy with personal stuff for quite sometime, and since I'm free only after 5 in the evening, it's hard to attend a scheduled meeting with members at 7.

Regardless, I decided to go with the idea and went for a 2 consecutive meetings with the members who are interested to build a stable foundation.

Skipping whatever events that happened during the discussion and straight to the point.

After 3 days of keeping myself out of internet, I found my mail box being 'dominated' by important mails.

Mind you, I deleted the spam in both Inbox and Spam already, and all that's left are important one.

Followed with... Informations from my broker, which is another must-read stuff again.

It's 10pm now, and I'm unsure whether I can finish reading all these research and friendly mails from my friends. To my disappointment though, none were from my sisters.

Back to work I guess.


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