08 April 28 - GUILTY

And so several days ago, we were off for a dinner to celebrate my 'birthday.'
Was rare for me to be willing to go out for a proper dinner, so I picked this place..

For some who arent familiar with the designs, those are Pizza Hut's design.

What else would you be ordering in a Pizza Hut other than Pizzas ?
It was quite an entertaining dinner, considering I havent been Pizza-ing properly for quite sometime.

The only downside was, there was some concert nearby, and he wasnt really good with his voice either...

And so, when I reached home, I noticed a parcel on my desk.

I was like "Erm? I thought everyone from Japan had already sent me something", and upon further investigation, it came from the NeoWing Corps (CD Japan).
So, aha! This is the last present I was expecting this year.

Slowly, I unwrapped the parcel, and took out what's in it.

To my surprise! It's Ayumi's GUILTY!
There was a letter in it, and it was later revealed that Yuki was the one who ordered this for me. There was a very cute birthday wishes from her as well.

Very, very much appreciated, I've been listening to some of Ayumi's single, but I've yet to be able to get her album, and this pretty much made my day!

Thanks Yuki for sending this fabulous gift!
=P Let's see what I can get you for your birthday.


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