08 April 02 - Sending help or needing help?

Last month, there were an appointment made by the 'boss' and the Biopharm. (A drug manufacturer and distributor.)

And so, the plan was, the Biopharm will dispatch their so called 'professional sales' team, and all we have to do is make a mass order of one of their Calcium product. The team will bring their high-technology machine from Bangkok to check the bone's quality from the wrist. If you appear to be on a bad bone condition, they will advise you to take a better care of your bone.

Thing is, this is not the first time for the company to give such offer, and last time, things actually went, half-well.

On the day the ladies arrived, the company did not offer any 'advertising' help.
According to the deal, the representatives of Biopharm will personally distribute the flier. The team arrived at 8am, but there were no sight of the representatives.

What else? The ladies were in idle, for nearly the whole morning session as no one knew about their presence to offer free Bone checking service.

After quite a while, the boss suddenly gave us an unexpected task.

I was like, "Whatta frog...?"
Having no choice, we did what we're ordered.

Time passed by, and to my surprise, our charm spreads like the wind, the news eventually went around the area, and within minutes, the pharmacy was swarmed by customers.

I wasnt glad of what I heard in the first place, but once you really got into it, the task became quite interesting, and things went pretty well.

Been busy as Songkran is coming soon, we've an idea of doing something special on the day, and I dont wanna mess it up. Let's see how things will turn out.


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