08 April 25 - A pre and post dinner for Songkran

Just a quick entry.

And so, before and after the Songkran festival, there was a dinner celebration for us to attend.
It was a request from the superior, so obviously, there's no way you could refuse it when the whole family asked you to spare some of your time for the dinner.

This was another BBQ party, I had to take a leave early as it was the same day as my Mom's birthday.

I stayed for about an hour before heading back home to celebrate Mom's Birthday.

A day after the Songkran festival, there were another invitation from the superior.
This time, I'm supposed to head with him to the Lee Garden's 33th Floor for a Sky Buffet.
It was said that the dinner was a surprise for me, for helping them with their work during the festival, such as overtiming till 9.30pm, and tripling my effort, and so on..

On the way up, there were 3-4 group of tourists who came from several other countries, and they were all squeezing themselves for a table.
A pretty organized area..

The view's excellent, as you were dining in the tallest building in Hat Yai.

The flow of time does not wait for anyone, and soon enough you found that an hour had passed.

And you can spot Hat Yai's night view in there, with all the lights and cars around.

And so the dinner was done at around 8.30pm.
There were schedule for another dinner at the area this month, but I'm not sure what happened to it. Furthermore, I dont think I can make it to the dinner as I've had my hands full with important projects.

For those of you who came to Hat Yai, it's recommended for you to check out Lee Garden, a 4 star hotel in Hat Yai which is only second to Novotel, the best 5 star hotel in Hat Yai. (Novotel is just opposite Lee Garden)



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