08 Apr 10 - Gift?

Been quite busy.
I had a plan of what to do in the upcoming Songkran festival.

However, something unpleasant goes on and I've to cancel the plan.
I dont want to get further in detail of it though.

Anyways, even though I've been exchanging my time and skill for money, apparently some people can still have some steady cash flow even though they're not working. (Not trying to sound jealous lol)

Back to the point, I'm one who rarely sends gift to people, but several months ago, I bought these for my sisters.

Of course, it had to go all the way to America, but again. They last told me that the gift arrived safely.

Now talk about something that I got recently..
There were 2 items from 2 different persons. (You know who I'm talking about.)
The latter would be something I'd post on its own.

This one.. is something rare, that got me wondering how long it'll take me before I decided to do something about it.

Yes, they're raw bird nests.. They're quite expensive, and since it's given in quite a big bag, I'm sure it worth tons.
However, there's more to just the market price. The value is priceless as it's a gift from my friend.

You know who you are, thank you 'Young Bird-Nest Taw-Keh.'


karen clover said…
Wow...I like bird nest. Rich in collagen...hehe...yum yum..
Seizhin said…
Wow! So Bird's nest is rich in collagen?! That's interesting!
karen clover said…
yup...rich in collagen...after consume, skin & hair will look nicer & healthier!
Anonymous said…
awww so nice got bird nest as gift, yeah that cost tons. hehe!
Chee Hoe said…
I've not had birdnest since my primary school days. I suddenly feel like having some all a sudden.
Seizhin said…
(Sudden interest with bird nest after receiving your comment)
Wow, I had plan to consume collagens in the future, but never thought it'll also affects my hair too!

Indeed, I really gotta thanks him.

No harm right? Once in a while we should enjoy life eh.

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