08 April 21 - Songkran Night Festival!

12th April was the Birthday of someone very dear to me.
It's a shame that I'm incapable to celebrate it with her in UK this year.


And so, the day after the previous entry.

Again, I had to be on duty for 5 more hours without rest.
By the time we were dismissed, it was around 8pm.

Funny thing is, a customer had called for an order and as I was the only available officer in the pharmacy (The other guy took a 'forced leave', the "I'll-go-on-holiday-even-if-you-dont-want-me-to." type)
I dont blame him at all, it's a National Holiday after all, every employees are supposed to be granted with a day or two of holidays.

So what now?
We've an order from a customer who was ordering several crate of Prickly Heats and Siang Pure Oils.
From an employee's view, I'd like to just ignore it and let the taw keh sent it themselves.
From the employer's view, they'd like to take you out for a ride to help them lift those creates.

I decided to help them even though it was around 8.10pm.

It passed dinner time yet I havent had my dinner yet. Luckily, I tend to omit dinner, but it didnt help much as I was really tired with a 15 hours grind.

So what now?
Upon hoping that the I could enjoy a midnight Songkran party with some friends, we're stuck in a heavy traffic jam.

Seriously, it was about 20 minutes before we could move an inch, just to be stopped again.
Though, here's were I could take some pictures of....

People splashing water at you, even when you're sitting innocently in a car.

And so, after about an hour, and after unloading the items, I was able to collect some photos while the taw keh was busy with the customer.

I was currently at the center of the Hat Yai, where most the tourists resides.
Obviously, everyone would want to have fun.

("Phew, I'm tired.")

(Sudden power-up upon noticing their not-yet wet prey.)

So the question now is, what happens when you're standing in the area where they were Water War-ring?

You obviously get wet.

Not once, but twice...

Time was short, and since it was quite late and I was already wet, I requested Boss to send me back home.

(Everywhere I go, I see only Malaysian cars everywhere.)

We reached home in no time and it was 9pm something..
What else?
I decided to cancel every meeting with every friends and members and calls it a night.

I dont think I'm willing to drag myself on another 16 hours struggle next year.

I really dont know what to say, I really need space from work.


Anonymous said…
so songkran means water war-ring? LOL, i thought it was so kind of festival with big celebration going on. :) cheeers!
Anonymous said…
I didn't know that Thailand had that kind of festival.

It sounded hellish despite the water considering the traffic in Thailand.

Anonymous said…
Do drop me a visit :p


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