08 April 12 - Camu Camu Lemon

While in Sia's cbox,

I was told that "Shen" means "God" in Chinese..

Now I dont feel like calling you by your Chinese name ever.


Continuing the gift related from my previous post.

Another gift that I received several weeks ago was this so called かむかむレモン (Camu Camu Lemon)

It was a gift from Kact who came back from his trip in Itabashi.
Apparently, he's going to continue his studies in the 日本大学 (Nihon Daigaku) , the every student's dream. The University is definitely the largest, and the most successful University in Japan.

You can see the way these guys are studying :
Research Institute
Medical Academy
Commerce (He should be in here)

Heck, just look at the size of the site. It neatly divides themselves into their categories for an easy access.

It's totally different from what my former school did! (Click me!)

What else can I ask for if I can enter the division?
Though, I dont plan to exchange my time for money, I'd be more interested if I can hit a 100% accuracy by studying in there.

And yes, by '100%', I was talking about this.

Enough about someone's prosperity and back to mine.

The Camu Camu Lemon apparently is packed in a 60 caps bottle.
There are several flavors around, all containing the same ingredients such as Energy, Sugars, Calcium and Vitamin C!!
Yes, each capsule contains Vitamin C (200mg) and they taste exactly like lemon sweets.

Definitely is something I'd bring around even at work.

You can get further info for their product at Camu Camu Lemon.

First Bird Nest from Shen, followed with dietary supplement from Kact, there's nothing else I need for my birthday. :)

Thanks to both of you!


wow... healthy stuff eh... nice..
where can we get them?
i won't mind taking vit c while working
Seizhin said…

He bought it from Meidi-ya.

I've yet to be able to find the product in the local stores, so perhaps we'll have to do an online shopping in order to get them. :)

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