08 Jan 31 - The Servant and The Lord.

Most of you probably knows that I studied in Malaysia before, it was definitely one of the best years in my life.
I was able to do everything I want without 'any' consideration.
I can say whatever I want, I can do whatever I want.
My friends accepted me for who I am.
I dont go around bullying them or something, just the way I was able to talk without thinking, is something I would want sometime.

Something happened in between those years, and I ended up back in Thailand.

Things had changed.
All these years ever since I started to live with my Mom, I thought she started to understand me, but that wasnt the case.
When the heart grew tired of being something that it was never was, it will be eager to find a place to rest itself at.

I regretted revealing this blog to my atasan, so they can baca this anytime.
Thus, this is a story, of a servant and a lord.
It might not be the best, it might not reveal them all, but at least you got the idea.

The Servant and The Lord.

1/10 decade of work,
Just when The Servant was about to place the sign "The 2nd Home",
The place who accepted her for who she is,
An unpleasant incident saved her from trusting the illusion.

An incident which involves crime and guilt,
A crime and guilt which relates to the Lord,
A Lord to Lord business,
Everything started when The Servant bravely inquired from the other Lord.

An inquiry which had nothing to do with The Lord,
The Lord stared and glared at The Servant,
Out of innocence, The servant was unaware of it,
Havoc was unleashed from this point onward.

The truth of heart was revealed,
Smiles which contain thousand of sharp edges approaches;
The once bright heart turned into a dark, selfish heart,
Indirect words were used to reflects their stinking interior.

The once called 'bliss' is now nothing but an 'illusion',
How many sincere people are there?
To cloak her emotions is a must now,
For she is but The Servant.

Gah, the Servant feels good now, I hope the atasan wouldnt be able to paham what I wrote.

I just had to post this, this is what flashes across my mind when I started writing the poem.

I wanted to scream, but I can consider this post my scream. =P


s.kuan said…
atasan means ur boss?
ruth tan said…
kinda deep..
btw r u a malaysian or from thai?
well no matter what u are facing, perservere on .. there will b times where things just doesn't seem to go as how we want it too be.. but don't give up in life alrite
take care n God bless


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