08 Jan 24 - Shopping? 'Homepro' maybe?

There has been too many problems these days.
However, I'm doing my best to solve them.

Mostly related to stress and bad things that always made me feel 'inferior' as I seem to fail doing what I want all the time, seriously. When I do it, I get bad result, but after I handed it to someone else, they seem to be able to do it well.

Bah, enough rant.

I've been worrying enough.
Shen told me to convert worry time into planning time, and reconsider my next move, the doors to success are always open, you just need to find the right door.

Here's some picture of me in HomePro (Thailand), with my families of course.
We're here to buy a new postbox actually, the old one rusted and water can leak inside easily.

I'm not really interested in HomePro, so we went straight to the mail box area.

Mom chose the bottom right black box, as my bro will be having some book-mails in the future.

On to the cashier, Mom went to 'lepak' at some area, and we had to follow her. I was bored so I took some pictures of the area.

The floor decoration area.

The tiger looks pretty real, it's also labeled as "Best Selling."

Then to the "Lights" area, Mom wanted to get me a lamp, since my old lamp is useless now.
I dont recall writing anything in my room anymore now, so I refuses.

There was some pretty cute lights though..

The more I look at them, the more I want them.


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