08 Jan 15 - When you werent notified in advance of your holidays.

This post is a rant, yes, rant, as I missed one of my biggest opportunity in life to meet up with my sis due to an employee's secrecy.


I think I mentioned that I plan to go touring in another country sometimes ago.

The plan was :
- To book for a ticket to a country where my sister is at.
- To organize my money for the trip.
- To tell my 'Mom' in advance.
- To inform my boss that I need a 1-2 week holiday.
- To finally plan for the airport, which route, this and that.

Now you know what's funny?

I was dead serious about the plan and I planned them about half a year in advance.

But there are 3 major things that really stopped me :
- First is my Mom (She's conservative.)
- Money (Traveling costs a lot as we all know.)
- My work (My boss's family opens the pharmacy 7 days per week, several days of holidays every year only.)

The first problem, was the biggest problem and definitely something I'm still troubled with.
The 2nd wasnt really a problem because everything's set, but I dont really feel like spending, that's all.
The 3rd, was another that big issue to me, as I've never taken leave from my work during my 1 and half year work. (Maybe half day or something, but I dont recall taking a full day off even when I'm coughing, sneezing or something.)

Now, just early this month, my boss mentioned something about holiday, and I gotta admit that I was excited, but I never know the details. I only found it out about a week before their holiday schedule was set.

Now to sum it all up, an employee refuses to reveal his employer's working schedule up, and this obviously is a bad result for his employer, as he only had several days in advance to plan.
Plane ticket, booking a hotel room, and asking my sis to fly to Asia isnt a simple task and need to be planned several months in advance (unless you're willing to pay full price), especially when she's busy with her work and stuff.


Some of us might not get it, but I didnt really want to reveal the details as well "kerena atasan saya membaca blog ini pun."

No use crying now, I guess I'll find something to do during my 4 days of holiday.


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