08 Jan 07 - New Year Party (Part 2)

These pictures were taken when the sun's already set.

What you saw earlier, was just the beginning, as there are still many more to go, the New Year celebration, had just begun.

The dusk has ended, now it's time for the real thing!
The city of light, Had Yai, is about to come alive!

This, is the central area, where King Bhumiphol's picture is being displayed.

To my surprise actually, the area looks better, and is filled with more people now.
Streets performer, more hawkers, more food, things are more lively now.

One of Thailand's famous dish, the "Clay Pot Noodle" or the "Mii Tun Mo Din."

Where else can you spot these giant BBQ stick other than here?

I forgot what these were called in English, but they're fish soups, and they're dried, before being boiled and finally turned into this big, tasty soup. Called as the "Kraphok Pla."

Satay anyone? Except, this one's bigger and tastier. It's called "Kai Korek" if I'm not mistaken.

And so, as we explore deeper into the event, putting this makan business aside, we noticed that the concert had started.
There was a total of 4 stages, all with different types of entertainment.

The stage which attracted the majority are definately this one.

80% of the people walking here are tourists who does not understand Thai language, yet they arranged Thai songs instead of Chinese or English songs.
I dont wonder why the food and shopping area are more crowded than all of the 4 stages.

No chair, nothing here, but this sector seems to be for the 'traditional' people who are attracted to the Southern Region's tradition.

Looks like the clubbing spot, there were a lot of table and chairs in front of the stages. These tables are all occupied by clubbing youngsters. No wonder the surrounding pubs are all empty.

Probably the only stage that hasnt started yet. The audiance's seat are all occupied, and they're all just waiting for someone, or something to entertain them.

To be honest, my number one reason to come to the event was to buy a necklace for myself, yes, a silver necklace. I saw one last year but I wasnt really attracted to it, until recently, and I was hoping to be able to find it. There are various of accessory stall in the area, and I searched them one by one, yet none had the design I wanted. I'd hate to go back home empty handed.. so...

My eyes was attracted to this stall, where a young girl was helping her father to sell his traditional drugs. Next to her father's table, these cup of candle were displayed.
They're cute, but I wasnt sure if I'd have any use for them, but the young girl convinced me to buy 2 of them.

Gotta admit that they're cute, definately handmade by the girl. One is for my Mom, the other one would go to my sis, who's in the California, USA.

Now, I'm concerned about how I should wrap the gift, it's already the 7th, and I've yet to wrap any of my gift to my friends... Someone banish my procrastinating habit please.


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