08 Jan 05 - 2007 New Year Party (Part 1)

It's never too late, better late then never I guess.

And so during the 31th December, after my hard day work, I decided to head on to the central area of Had Yai, where the Countdown and the New Year Event is being held.
The event started ever since the 29th, but my fever prevented me from getting up from my bed after work.

For those who are wondering, it was the same location as when the The Passage to Had Yai 2007 was held.

This time, you can see that the 'car road' has turned into a nice, pavement for people to walk. Obviously, these project was to support to government's project to put all cables, and wires into the ground. Their objective was to turn the area into the main attraction of Had Yai.

A Christmas Tree, in front of the famous Lee Garden, the 4 star Hotel of our city.
I took a less than 5 minutes walk to the area where the foods are.

Definately crowded, but I suppose that the Chinese New Year is more crowded than this.
Nevertheless, I felt as if I was walking in row of Malaysian stalls there's more tourists in the area than the locals.

One of my favourite food was this, the Hoy Thood (Fried Oyster).
The downside is the excessive oils in your plate, but the taste is nevertheless good.

Walking up further, you'd expect to see more Thai based foods, but this is really one of the 'basic' of Thai foods, the Insect Stall. There are fried locusts, cockroaches, ants, worms, etc.
Really none of my interest but I know some who enjoyed them.

Not only are the area filled with foods, but there's also other miscellaneous items, such as Emeralds and Crystal decorations.

I'd like to buy some of the decorations but the price are, extreme.. thus I abandoned the idea.

And of course, as the area attracts tourists from various of countries, all kind of business can be established, even, 'begging' business.
Personally, this shows either how bad the government is at handling handicapped people, or how bad the polices in the area are.

There are a total of 4 stages in the event, each, being placed in 4 different directions, the South, North, East and West. (Though I never bothered to actually check which is which)

And of course, we care about the security of the travelers who are traveling into Had Yai, thus there's a soldier's tent nearby.

There was one funny thing though.
Is when you fail to contact and ask for an authorization to enter the area when 'you' are wearing 'punk' clothes.

I was at the area when a group of 9-10 people passed by the area, and they had the what I call punk clothes and style.

The soldiers immediately blew their whistle and commanded them to their camp for some interrogation, which includes weapon check.

And with all of those, I'll conclude my first part of the New Year Party.

Happy New Year to all of my readers and wish you the best.

PS : Thanks to all who wished me to get well, my fever's finally gone, and I'm as good as new today.


MikeM said…
hell of a party i believe seizhin... glad u enjoyed it... hopefully CNY i can go to hatyai... hehehehe
Anonymous said…
wow, in msia begging is not allowed. hatyai sure a good sport to visit one day. hehe.. get well soon and yes CNY is coming soon. :D
Seizhin said…
Mike : Yeah, pretty good place for makan :)

Tabby : Hat Yai has alot of spots to visit, enjoy enjoy!

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