08 Jan 17 - Work or without work is the same suffering.

After 2 years of a repetitive daily circle, I've forgotten how it is to live without a work.
It's only the 2nd day, and the more I sit down in front of my computer, the lazier I get.

Just a short update as I dont really have anything to blog about.

Here's a pic of a lizard in my work place, it stayed there for 3 days without moving anywhere.

On the 3rd day, my co-worker took him out from the wall, I wonder why it died like that.

PS : Oh to make it clear, yes, it's my 2nd day of holiday, I'll have to start working again at Monday. No more holiday for this year.


Chee Hoe said…
Your 2nd day of work or 2nd day of holiday? If its a holiday then get your butt out there and have a good time. Don't stay in front of the pc :)
Seizhin said…
2nd day of holiday.

You're the 3rd person who told me to.
Maybe I should go shopping tomorrow, the more I sit the lazier I get x.x
Anonymous said…
hehe lol, why the cicak died?
Seizhin said…
It was sitting there idle for 3 days.
I wonder why myself.

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