08 Jan 28 - Politic in Indonesia?

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Good mood or bad mood?

Warning, this post contains gore, violence, and should not be viewed by anyone who's afraid of gore and violence.


It's been a while since I talked about Indonesia.
Yesterday, the Ex-President of Indonesia, Mr. Suharto was confirmed dead due to his illness.

I've lived in Indonesia for about tenth years, but I dont recall what deed Suharto did that should make me sad for his death.
My Mom was sad though, she said he was a great leader or some sort.

All I remember was, due to something that Suharto did, perhaps, corruptions, we was forced to immigrate from Indonesia. I can still remember the sight of 100+ teenagers holding a politic party's flag and demonstrating around the city I live in while I was in Indonesia.

Following the illegal demonstration, was news about how the 'above-average' people are getting raid, attacked, splashed by acids while they're in their car, and so on.

I came across these pictures again several months ago, and it reminded me of the land where I grew up, Indonesia.

Indonesia's a great country, great for opportunity, great to be rich, but unless you're influental, you probably wont survive. My brother is still afraid if Indonesia, and he reflected it when he went back to Jakarta for his business trip.

I on the other hand, look forward to go back to Indonesia, but it's for my business reason as well.

I'm just wondering, how peaceful Indonesia is now.


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