09 Nov 22 - Flood in Hat Yai

I've been so busy..

A few days ago we registered our official domain in www.orientalpharma.com and you know what? Google Inc. billed it to my credit card but failed to send me the verification email.
I cant log into Google Apps, and the email is sent to somewhere, which isnt mine..

Very bad service from Google Inc.. Very bad.

Anyways it's been raining for 3 days 2 nights and it's still going.

Hat Yai is at the verge of flood once again.

Here's a few pictures of the current situation here.
It's not as bad as how it was 5 years ago, but it's still pretty bad...

Cheers, hope things get better!


saint-randy said…
Oh gosh! I'm going there in two days time from Singapore. I wonder what I can do during my 3 to 4 days there. No more shopping and sight seeing...Has the situation improved so far?
Seizhin said…
The worst have passed, no more rain here. Ahh... It was horrible to be raining for almost 4 days without any sunlight yet I still have to go for work haha.
saint-randy said…
I just came back from there. The weather is good, no signs of flood either. Business there were operating as usual. Perhaps the pics you have posted were from another part of Hat Yai.

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