09 Nov 09 - Loy Krathong 2009 วันลอยกระทง

Been very busy, very, very busy......

Anyways it was Loy Krathong a few days ago.
I dont have much time to post all the details, I did spend sometime in the old University where I once studied in.

Of course, a few familiar faces can be seen.. (They're still together?!)

But on side note, I did spend on ok Loy Krathong, regardless of the amount of work I have due to the Malaysian coming to Hat Yai.

As usual, which is exactly what I did last year.

A Limited Edition 10 Baht Coin representing His Highness, and a piece of paper containing "BLISS" at the side.

I stuff both things in here:

Which I use to flow in the river to thanks to Goddess of Water for allowing us to spend 30 minutes shower everyday.

Happy Loy Krathong!


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