09 Nov 15 - Thai-Cambodia Conflict, Politic or War?

So many things have been going on in the Thai politic, not forgetting that Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin himself sided with Hsu Hsen in trying to apply more political pressure on the current Prime Minister Aphisit.

That's the truth, and that's it... All of politics.

Money, power, authority..

Here's a few pictures of the negotiation for truce in the Thai-Cambodia Border, it was between both armies general, but for the post, I'll cover up a few things related to the weapons of both sides..

Please dont compare the war technology with the one in the US. Might want to refer this as an urban warfare instead.

Whether it's Cambodia, or Thailand, both countries are packed with RPGs.

The world might come to know that both countries are at a verge of war, first, the problem was the Temple located in between both countries. Both Thailand and Cambodia claim that it's their right as the Temple is located in their country.

The 2nd and most recent now is the Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin, who is leading the anti-government movements, had joined with Hu Hsen in order to thwart the present government down..

Cambodia or Thai? Government or Citizen? Who'll suffer most.... It's the citizens.


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