09 Nov 16 - Is the Grandson of Sultan of Johor terrorizing the people?

This was quite an old news, and I couldnt find any information of this..

The first time I heard of it is through a Malaysian Customer, who shared his dissatisfaction to the Royalist in Malaysia.

During my studies in Malaysia, I do remember the story of a Malaysia's Royal Member who.. "purposely" swings his Golf Stick onto someone who 'laughed' at him for failing to 'hit' the ball while on his Golf sport. The poor man suffered major injuries and was hospitalized while the "Prince" who committed the crime was ultimately 'released' from the crimes he committed. (He's not even bailed out. Speaking in the term of law, he commit no crime, he was.... untouchable.)

Here's a story released a year ago, I rad in recent newspaper, Khom Jad Leuk (Thailand) said that the case hasnt gone anywhere and the Negeri Sembilan are expecting the police to do something about it.


KUALA LUMPUR, 08 Oct 31 — An alleged thrashing of a member of Malaysia's royal household and his friends by the grandson of the Sultan of Johor and his bodyguards last week looks set to renew debate over the indiscretions of the royalty and whether they are immune from prosecution.

Tunku Nadzimuddin Tunku Mudzaffar, the son of the eldest princess of the Negri Sembilan royal household, filed a police report over the weekend that he was hit with the butt of a pistol on his head and face by a grandson of the Sultan of Johor.

The alleged offender was identified only as Tengku Ismail, and his father is one of the Sultan's sons.

The scuffle allegedly took place at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur in the early hours of Saturday and Tunku Nadzimuddin suffered a fractured nose.

A friend of the Negri Sembilan royal family, Shamshuddhuha Ishak, also filed a police report that he was beaten by the bodyguards of the Johor royal family member and lost consciousness and a front tooth, according to people close to the situation and familiar with the police report.

The alleged beatings took place following an altercation between groups from the two royal households at a popular nightclub in Kuala Lumpur in the early hours of Saturday.

There has been little publicity in the local newspapers over the incident. Sources close to the Negri Sembilan household said that there is intense lobbying to get Tunku Nadzimuddin and his friends to withdraw the police report.

A close source to the Negri Sembilan royal household said that the family wants the police to investigate the alleged beatings and bring charges against the assailants.

The police have yet to comment on the alleged incident but a senior government official told The Straits Times that investigations are ongoing and that several suspects are expected to be called up for questioning soon.

Allegations of indiscretions by members of Malaysia's royal households are not unheard of.

In the early 1990s, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pushed through sweeping constitutional amendments that removed provisions granting the royalty immunity from prosecution.

Under the country's Constitution, the country's nine sultans, who take turns to serve as king under a unique rotation system, are above prosecution in the ordinary courts of the land and can be tried only by a special court.

Royal personages below the level of sultan are not protected from prosecution under the country's laws.

Lawyers and political analysts say the latest incident involving the royal households of Negri Sembilan and Johor is likely to be watched closely and will be a test of the government's determination to bring the country's royalty to legal parity with commoners.

Several people familiar with the alleged beatings on Saturday say that friends of the grandsons from the Johor and Negri Sembilan royal households were in separate groups at a nightclub in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on Friday night.

Just after midnight, an altercation broke out between the two groups but the matter was resolved by the nightclub's bouncers.

According to people close to Tunku Nadzimuddin, the 36-year-old prince from Negri Sembilan, received a call requesting him to show up at a hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's financial district to meet the prince from the Johor royal household.

When Tunku Nadzimuddin arrived at the hotel, he and his friends were confronted by the Johor prince and his bodyguards before they were assaulted, people close to the Negri Sembilan prince alleged — Singapore Straits Times

Taken from: Malaysian princes come to blows - Malaysian Insider


A Malaysian customer once told me, "You Thais love your King. You wailed and cried the moment your King's ill, and prays for him to return back to health. In Malaysia, we dont even care if any or all of the Kings dies."

I guess it's true.. How we're lucky to have King Bhumibol as our King.

May His Highness return back to health, not to bring us out of the dark age, but for the entire Kingdom, and for His Highness himself.


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