09 Nov 02 - Maria Ozawa (小澤マリア) A.K.A. Miyabi in Thailand

Surely, when I said the name "Maria Ozawa", tons of you 'men' out there will definitely succumb to 'lust.' (Not to be taken too offensively =P)

Anyways, I dont have any interested in her, but.. this post is a demand from a friend who's really interested in her, and he's very happy when she heard that she's coming to Thailand.

In actual note, I dont know who she is, what she do, or why she's famous. (There's too many famous people out there...)

And so to say.... I eventually found out that Ozawa Maria, nicknamed Miyabi, is a Famous Japanese Porn Star in the Adult Industry.

That actually shun off all interest in her.. Most of you here probably knows her better than I do, and so, I'm sure you can find all sort of pictures of hers over the web.

I'm not contributing more to those 'adult' pics, but what I'll be posting here is regarding the special invitation she's receiving from Thai Beverage Co., LTD. The company is specially inviting her to attend the Chang World Reggae 2009 as an entertainer together with other bands such as Diana King, Big Mountain, Inner Circle, Teddy Ska Band, ส้ม อมรา, โจอี้ บอย, ทีโบน และ Buddha Blessess.

These pictures was hardly on-aired, and it wasnt really all that 'hit' in the entertainment news section, not more than a small corner actually..

But anyways, here's some pic at the backstage in the "Chang World Reggae 2009"

No credit goes to me.

Thanks to P Phoom for sharing the info and picture with me, no idea where he got the picture either but I'll give credit to the one who took them.

PS: Oh yes, lastly, I've no ill-intention to Ozawa-san, and I'm completely neutral, so whatever the case, there's no debate nor whatever unwanted comments here.



Miyabi Ozawa said…
Used name: Miyabi
Birth name: Maria Ozawa
Birthdate: January 8, 1986
Birth location: Hokkaido,Japan
Measurements: 88-58-86 cm (35-23-34 inches)
Anonymous said…
Maria is a pretty gal, she could have been a regular model!

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