09 Oct 20 - US Thunderbirds in Thailand

Ignoring the post below, let's just forget it ever happened.. But I'm letting it stay the way it is for now..

Back to topic.

Everyone in Thailand was wondering, what was happening at the 10th October 2009, 1.00pm, at the International Airport of Don Meang.

Traffic jams and so on, even the hot sun wasnt enough to stop the citizens from breaking the traffic law... Blame United States Air Force's pilots and their F-16C/D this time.

I dont have the chance to be there, but..... The Manager had it covered up with a few nice shots.

Better take a full view of it at:
คนไทยระทึก! ชมบินผาดแผลง"วิหคสายฟ้า"


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