09 Oct 17 - Insulted

A few minutes ago, I received a link from a friend who was randomly visiting blogs.

She reported seeing my blog and an additional Chinese letters which is used to insult me.

Surprised, I checked it out and recall that he is in my blog roll list as well.

As you can see from the image, my name and link are posted, these 死 贱.

Even though it's compulsory for me to study Chinese letters, but I never was an expert in it, but for a few easy words.. these are something I have to post about.

The first word ("shi") means death, while the 2nd ("chian, sen") means lowliness.
The combination would mean that he's trying to read my Chinese pronunciation in an insulting manner, which although in accurate, would means "Low life death."

And you can see someone calling me a bitch there as well...

I'm honestly surprised, as far as I can remember, I dont recall having an argument or a fight with this guy, nor have I ever stolen somebody's boyfriend, I even greeted him, wondering where he was gone to at the time.

Whatever the case, I'm taking this guy off my blog list forever and I hope I wont be seeing Yu Cheng Chong forever.


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