09 Oct 11 - Strepsil Manufacturing Defect

A few days ago, our customer returned a few boxes of Strepsils SSR due to a manufacturing defect.

The Lot Number and expiration dates have been checked, and nothing is wrong. (Still 2 years till expiration.)

While we're observing the defect in the goods, we're surprised.

The defect is obvious, and the problem only occurs to Strepsil SSRs, while all others, Vitamin C, Cool, Honey and Lemon, Sugar Free are NOT effected by the problem.

We have submitted and returned the damaged goods back to Reckitt Benckiser (Thailand) and while we're checking for further information, it seems that other distributors also received a similar problem.

Though, please note that it's edible, the new Lot are easily affected by the climate change but everything remains the same.


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