09 Oct 15 - Thai Stock Declines from Singaporean Rumor


2nd time in a week that I ran over a poor snail.. Ugh, I need to be careful.


Black Thursday for the traders in the Stock Exchange of Thailand..

Thailand's Stock Market Bucks Asian Turn-Around Over Concerns for King's Health

"Thailand's stock market has bucked an Asian turn-around because of concerns about the health of King Bhumiphol Adulyadej. The revered king is considered a stabilizing force in Thailand and has been hospitalized for nearly a month. "

"From VOA News: Thai Stock Falls on Concern of King's Health"

Ever since yesterday (14 Oct 2009), the Stock Market in Thailand had suffered an unusual decline. The source came from a rumor which was spread from the Straits Times (The Stock Exchange of Singapore)..

The rumor was that... The King's condition is critical, and His Majesty is said to have passed away.

This is a critical issue.. and the intention questionable.. What do they wish to accomplish by spreading a false rumor? Yet again, the present government excels at shutting down bad news so...

I hope for a better day tomorrow.. Cheers!


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