08 Oct 30 - Twister -Gang-Mix

This is a lyric that's been pretty much in my mind for weeks, it comes from the Subarashi kono Sekai (すばらしこのせかい)

Title: Twister -Gang- Mix

"Brain wave, main wave"
Psycho got a high kick
Collect and select
Show me your best set

"Crystals, blisters"
It's all over now
Psycho cane
You're so keen
I need more candy canes

"Cold cake, cold break"
Freak got a high kick
Mr. Twister
Moist with roistering

Stick it up
Take it up
Step aside and see the world
Effect has defects
"Take a bow to the moon (Bow-wow to the moon)"

"Morning rays, Hairspray Queens"
"Get on their way to their nests, the west"
"Honest, they once had a dream"
"Belles of society, in the shells of their unity"
Cornet'n spinet
"The sound flows, follows till they're home"
Dragged by the power of dreams
That power is yet unknown

I dont think I'd want to upload the music, but ah, just tell me if anyone wants it.


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