08 Oct 13 - Bangkok Bank (BBL) Demonstration

About a few days ago, I was invited to the 'little' demonstration.
Bangkok Bank Public Limited had invited a few of their customers to demonstrate of the branch's security system, which would include how they would react to situations such as fire and so on.

They also includes themselves in a demonstration of the danger of using 'water' to put out fire which was caused by oils.

(Mr. Thanavong Sangkharatt, the GM of the Bank's Branch directly supervised the demonstration.)

The demonstration was supposed to take less than 15minutes, but due to the strong wind, it took more time to heat the oil up.

The climax is here.
When the guard (on the right) pours water into the burning frying pan filled with oils to put out the fire, the whole area erupted.

Bangkok Bank had expressed their concern for housewives to avoid putting out a fire caused by liquid this way, and that 'sands' would be more effective and less dangerous in the situation.

Be careful when dealing with fire guys. :)


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