08 Oct 24 - Old Car, New Car

For one of the thing that I've been busy about this month was having to change our car.

It's not really a big deal, and our old Mitsubishi Strada is still on top shape (except for some scratch here and there) but we had to make the decision because we cannot extend the license for it.

The new Thai law forbids an ownership of a pick-up car with plug-in that exceeds a certain weight.
Our old car exceeded the weight due to the "carry boy" thinggy on it's back (the back roof is an additional plug-in).

There is, of course, another way around.. but Mom came to the other decision.

Anyways, this is our new Honda Jazz.
It's easier to drive compared to the big, large, manual-drive type car, and I must admit that it's not too bad.

Though I miss our old car though.. ahh.


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