08 Oct 09 - Picture of Protesters and Police mob

These pictures were taken from AP and other sources, or even personal friends.

There were tons of pictures of this, but I'll post the interesting pictures.
I'll keep this brief:

The Stock Exchange of Thailand had plunged for more than 40% ever since the PAD started their demonstration.

During the dispersal, police claimed that all they was using was Tear Gas, however..

There were some 'shotgun' like equipments on their back. Some said it was a Pressure Rubber Shotgun, some said it was a real Shotgun.

During the dispersal, the police was 'thowing 'something' on the protesters. PAD believes that it was a Grenade, while other facts said it might be a Tear Gas Grenade.

Now now, lastly comes of when the police were in action with their weapon, an expert said that an Active-Pressure Shotgun can be equipped with other bullets other than the Rubber Shells.

Facts said that the Rubber Shells can only be used from a 30m distance, but this picture clearly shows that none were within the 30m range, so it might be that the polices are equipped with other shells.

Let's get back to the protesters who were illegally mobbing the streets.

The PAD leaders said that these protesters was clearly showing a peaceful demonstration. Evidences contradicts the claim which proves that the PAD leaders were lying.

And now, let's get on the climax...

This is taken from AP, from Yahoo! News.

PAD leaders swore that none of the protesters were equipped with dangerous weapons, but you can see what the man was holding.
Several eyewitnesses who was my friends and was on the PAD side had confirmed that he saw a few members of the PAD were firing at the polices before escaping from the site.

Protesters were injured, but the police suffered a heavy casualties too.
I swear if you heard ASTV's (Protesters Satellite TV) , you'd be disgusted at the foul language and hatred they planted on the protesters.

Fake news, and uneducated citizens...
No wonder you can easily mob an area and overthrow a government which comes from the majority.

Amazing Thailand indeed!


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