08 Oct 20 - Best Sleeping Position

Was reading an article, and I found it to be quite interesting.

Summarizing the whole topic:

Anyways, the best sleeping position is shown above.
Doctors from the Sirirhaj Hospital advises us to sleep on our right side for a better blood-flow control, which enables us to sleep better.

We humans spends 1/3 of our life sleeping, and it's necessary for us to sleep in the right way, doing so would prevent back-ache or any other muscle spasm.

Sleeping 'down' (facing down) is the primary source which damages you chest, resulting pain and chest-aches in the morning and also makes it more difficult for you to breathe, thus isnt recommended at all.

- Cant really translate all, but if anyone really want a complete detail, please do leave a comment as I'll find the right time to do it next time-



Trang P. said…
oh, wow... that is cool. i never knew. i spend 90% of my sleeping time on my left side.

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