08 Oct 07 - Protesters Seized Parliament

Following the event of where Thai Protesters illegally seized National TV Station.

First, Thai have problem with Cambodia.

Secondly, the domino of sub-prime is also affecting Thailand's economy.
The Stock Market plunged, and here we see Mr. Bear again.

Thirdly, we have this so called "PAD" or the Protesters who do illegal things on the claim that the government are also 'illegally' elected.

(Confrontation between the Government Supporter and the Anti-Government Mob was in Bangkok, funny thing is, Malaysian's Newspaper, The Star, mentioned that it happened in Hat Yai. Are they stupid or doing it in purpose of misleading the readers?)

On Sunday, one of the highest PAD leader who had a warrant of arrest purposely led himself out of his hideout and lured the police to arrest him.
This obviously is a strategy to gather more Protesters to do their dirty work.

The reason why they had to do this, is that the verdict from the Highest Court will come soon that the PAD are illegally threatening to overthrow the government, which would officially mean that all the PAD leaders are criminals!

(I discussed this matter in ThaiVisa after watching the news for the whole day.)

And yesterday, the PAD in attempt to rescue their leader, had led the Protesters to seize the Parliament, of which the police was dispatched to disperse the Protesters to allow the government to work.

To keep things short, for the whole day, the PAD and Police are confronting each others for hours, 2 people lost their legs. It is said that it's due to the Tear Gas that the police launched.

It's night now, and there's news that Military had started moving into Bangkok.
Another coup to safe the Kingdom is needed.

People who are on a neutral side are tired of this mess.
Both PAD and Thaksin should just get out of Thailand forever.


Troops confront Thai Protesters
Thai Protesters Occupy Streets outside Parliament


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