08 Sep 27 - Strongest Dog in The World

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Uh I received this about a few months ago, but I still couldnt find further info on this, anyone actually have any clue on this macho doggie?

Perhaps it's the strongest dog in the world indeed!
Drop me a mail if you ever seen a dog with these muscle!



Anonymous said…
actually the dog isnt the strongest in the would she was born with a muscle defect that made he muscles bigger than a regular dog of her breed but she does still look cool
Seizhin said…
Very informative!
Thanks for sharing it with us.

So the cause comes from a muscle defect?

But yeah, it looks very cool this way indeed!
Joseph Davis said…

Wendy the Whippet!
Anonymous said…
i wish i had that muscle defect
Anonymous said…
u sure ur not givin it steroids? ? i fink da dog looks very uncomfortable.
Anonymous said…
The dog has been given steroids...
so thats the main reason for this kind of growth in muscles ... actual breed of these dogs is slim and long in bone structure .....

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