08 Sep 14 - Acquainted in a bus?

13th Sep was the day I was waiting for, for all changes to come.

The effect comes on 14th, of when the Military had lifted the Emergency State in Thailand.
That's not all, I met this person who had a lot of debt to be paid for me on 13th, he was once acquainted to me during my study in Malaysia.

Everything doesnt stop there, it's rare for me to be on a bus today, and I met a freshman Pharmacist graduate on the bus.
She exudes some strange air which made her interesting, and surprisingly, we easily engaged in friendly conversation easily.

Smart as she is, her view on the world indeed differs from others, and thus we had a dinner together with the members in a steak house.

What can I say? I'm impressed by her thought and easy-going attitude, she's special, and reminds me of this one girl of which is studying in Penang.

Same attitude, but different. Been a few hours since the dinner, but I feel weird, the feeling of 'missing you.'

Anyways, it's beginning, 3 fortunes on the, countless coming especially on this 17th.


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