08 Sep 04 - What's out there?

It just something that I cant explain, this complicated feeling after talking with her.


I listened to the story of a girl.

She's a positive, cute and enthusiastic girl.
She's always supportive to her friends and everyone around her.
Despite her kind and caring exterior, there lies jealousy.
The sin of envy..

She could move her whole classmates,
Telling everyone to enjoy their life everyday,
Smiling regardless of whatever misfortune that hits her,
But deep down...

Unsuccessful as she is,
She always thought of her friends' priorities,
But something down her always got into her,
It hurts, it hurts her...

All that she wish for is to be her best friend,
In beauty of appearance,
In the wisdom of thought,
And in the courage for challenge.


She's one nice girl, and everyone likes her.
She just lack of confidence, yes, I'm here, rooting for her but things arent as simple as that, for this young and innocent girl.
She needs more than just cheers..

I'll be here for you.


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