08 Sep 07 - A piece of the Sky


It's 8th of Sep today, SC's birthday, wont you greet her a Happy Birthday for our sweet girl?


Ever parked your car and heard something loud falling upon your car?
I did..

Just a few seconds before we went down from the car, something fell upon the roof of the car.
Check it out what had fallen down.

After the loud "thud", we got down from the car and noticed that the extended ceilings are full of "holes".
Obviously, the fault lies in the owner of the building who failed to conduct a proper maintenance on his building.

Might look a small scratch due to the fall, but cant really say how much damage that costs us on the car's roof.

Lucky we have Insurance on the car.

The only downside is that we had to wait for the officer to arrive, and that takes time.

A good ice cream time from the local McDonald really helps sometime.



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