08 Sep 01 - Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony Pictures

I'm not the type to let an unfinished go so easily, so anyways, I'll pick up from where I left earlier.


I couldnt remember much of what was happening in this act, but they tries to reflect the wisdom of the ancient Chinese in the phase.
I wasnt sure of the relation this act has with Sun Wu.

"Which in the 4 seas, we all are brothers."

This must have reflects from the words that the Confucius, "Kong Zhi" said in the past.
The act is filled with scholars reading out several of the Chinese B.C. era poems.

For those who watched the Ceremony sure remembers that the special effect they applied was quite splendid, but what's more to that was the cooperation of the actors was more than the word amazing!

Even after posting this many pictures, I'm surprised that there's still more than 500 pictures in my Camera. Perhaps, I might do something to shorten them.


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