08 Sep 22 - โครงการ SET Click2WIN 2008

Alright, just helping to spread this news because some pretty women asked me to when I went to the office a few days ago.

Actually, I wont bother translating it because the lecturer and experts will all be talking in Thai language.

โครงการ SET Click2WIN 2008 ขอเรียนเชิญเข้าร่วมสัมมนาพิเศษในหัวข้อ สะสมเทคนิคการลงทุน ในหุ้นและกองทุนรวม

For all who are interested, this is a Lecture that is held by experts with the topic of "The Tech of Investments and Mutual Funds."

At : Wednesday, 24th Sep 08
Time : 5pm-8pm
Location :Meeting Room, Sangwien Indarawijai, 3rd Floor, Stock Exchange Building

All those who are located in Bangkok and are interested in investment are encouraged to participate, it's free of charge. :)



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