08 Aug 29 - Thailand knows no law

Several days ago, the anti-government coalition had illegally seized the Parliament and blocked the path to several major roads in Bangkok.

2 days ago, the court had ordered a warrant of arrest on the 9 Leaders who are leading the anti-government coalition.
After 2 days of mess, the PAD showed no sign of fear in the court's order, and had ordered the PAD's volunteers to prevent the police from arresting them.

This morning, after having enough patience to deal with the coalition, the police decided to open the road leading to the Parliament by force, injuring a numerous of protesters in the process.

Angered by what the police did, the protester re-occupied the area, they rallied help from their men outside of Bangkok to:
- Block the main road leading to the International Airport of Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Had Yai.
- Protest discontinuing their work in the Train Station, thus, leading to a paralyze in various of transportation.

Transport Strangled


Travel Crisis Railway workers stopped most trains nationwide on Friday in sympathy with anti-government protesters in Bangkok as PAD activists blocked the vital gateway airports at Phuket, Hat Yai and Krabi in the South, stranding thousands of foreign tourists. Thai Airways International staff threatened to join the anti-government strike.

Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators of the People's Alliance for Democracy gathered at the front of the three southern airports on Friday afternoon.

They set up stages for a protest sit-in, saying they wanted to demand the government end its attempt to disperse the protesters in Bangkok.

Flights continued to operate for a few hours. Passengers found it difficult or impossible to enter the airport buildings at the two tourist-heavy locations and all flights were cancelled to all three airports later Friday afternoon.

Police said they hoped they could negotiate with the protesters to clear the airport entrances. But the situation looked likely to get worse instead of better, after Krabi International Airport became the third airport to be blockaded.

The union of the national airline Thai Airways International told its 15,000 members they can take sick leave to show disapproval of the government actions against the PAD.

THAI is largely unionised, and members include pilots and flight attendants, in addition to most of the technical staff.

THAI union chief Jamsri Sukchotirat said "the union strongly disagrees with the government's use of force against peaceful demonstrators". She added that the union would request all 25,000 staff of THAI to suspend work to oppose the government if there was violence against Bangkok protesters.

Earlier, the State Railway of Thailand workers' union announced a sick-out to halt all trains nationwide for an indefinite period.

The union said it wanted to show sympathy and support for the PAD-led protesters at Government House.

SRT union chief Pichet Suwanchatree travelled to the South to oversee the shut down of the critical railway junction in HaT Yai district. He said all trains to and in the South had stopped running as of Friday.

Services to the North and Northeast slowed on Thursday and apparently stopped completely on Friday. SRT Nakhon Ratchisima union leader Sathorn Sinpru said more than 100 union members, including 40 railway engine drivers, have taken sick leave for at least two days, beginning on Friday.

Mr Sathorn said the aims to focus attention on the lack of welfare plans, as well as to show support for the protesters in Bangkok.


Simple note:
- Court ordered for an arrest, yet PAD leaders refused and even attacked the police and court for injustice.
- PAD threatens to cut all electric and water supply to Bangkok if government will not resign.
- Blocking roads to major cities and even airports.
- Vandalism in various of important areas.

Police are incapable of arresting those PAD leaders because the military are backing the PAD back, furthermore, the Thai citizens are willing to be PAD's tool and puppet in exchange for a 300-500 baht per day.

Just a little poem from me then, to reduce this stress I'm feeling.


Thailand is the land of outlaw,
Where laws are overlooked,
Where court are abandoned,
Where it will soon be destroyed.

Thailand is the land of outlaw,
Where no law exist,
Where law does not exist,
And by where law never does exist.

Thailand is the land of outlaw,
Of whom the people are untouchable,
Of by whom the citizens are but a puppet,
Of by which the education are nothing.

Thailand is the land of outlaw,
The protester's screams,
The polices yell,
But the innocent cries.

And that is the story of this Kingdom, of by which are slowly falling like a sharp knife.
Thailand knows no peace, The Kingdom knows no honor.
Only money, and idiocy, of which, the uneducated are stupid enough to be used by someone who calls himself a Democracy, yet the action reflects of a communism.

And thus, is the Land of Smile, Thailand.


Amazing Thailand indeed!


Hong Yee said…
thailand knows no law,i can't comment much about it,but thailand RECOGNISES freedom of speech..here in malaysia we get jailed for blogging!e.g.our beloved petra!

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