08 Aug 03 - Latest infos, all sites secured

Latest News:

The location of areas that were caught in the explosion.

5 Areas in Songkhla
- Seven Eleven in Khom Plu
- Food Center in Dr. Klu
- And 3 other spots
- 2 Other areas were secured before it was detonated

2 Areas in Had Yai
- ATM in Raajaudit
- Poom in Pleng
- 1 area was secured before it was detonated

10 casualties, including 4 minor injuries, 2 severe casualties and others of small bruises.

Police had captured about 20 teenagers suspected to be the one who are in the terrorism group were caught.

Tourists are still continuing the daily shopping without much concerns as the Military had dispatched their security forces to protect the city at all cost.

I've been wanting to publish the photo's that I've taken, but after some request, I decided not to.
To tell the truth, the photo contains only the area of the event of what's left and how much damage it does, but since it's a request from my friend who needs it for his evidence, I cant say much.



Seizhin said…
You'd be surprised, Hat yai is actually safer than what news all around the world is broad casting.

Tourists are still coming in, I guess they still trust that nothing bad will happen again.

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