08 Aug 02 - Bomb in 7 Locations in Had Yai, Songkhla

Just 12 minutes earlier, there's a bomb in 7 locations of the Southern Thailand.
Which includes 2 areas in Had Yai and 5 areas in Songkhla.

There's yet of any news on what actually happened, but I'll keep this updated!
Presently, none are said to be hurt in the explosion, but please contact your families in the area for assurance!

I'd appreciate if any of the tourists are willing to contact me if they have any further infos!

10.50pm :
Reporters had announced that there were only minor damages in the area, and that there are no 'bombs' but what was planted was just Giant Fire Crackers which does not cause much damage to the area.
2 people was injured in the chaos while most of the areas of the event was in front of Seven Eleven and Garbage Bin of Carefour!

What else?
While I've to get to the area for personal investigation, I'm more concerned on the impact on the SET on Monday.

Perhaps, there should be further discussion amongst our group.

Let's just hope that the area is safe now!
Back onto work!



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