08 Aug 01 - Southern Book Fair




This actually happened several days ago, but I didnt had much time to update.

A friend of mind had informed me that a Southern Book fair is being held in University of Prince Songkhla Nakkarin, and since I visits the area often, I decided to give it a go.

The entrance of the event was pretty crowded, nevertheless, it's filled with important books and documents, but since the University of Prince Songkhla Nakkarin is famous for their medical education standards, I dont wonder why every store in the area had medical related books, ready to be sold in a high quality.

What's good about these events? They discounted nearly all of their books to up to 70%!

The biggest store in the event, and all of their books are in English!

Heck, I spent nearly 2 hours in here just checking what's interesting here and there. Had to admit there's too many interesting books here, but the price kills. (The books I wants is about 700 baht -1200 baht even with a 25% Discount!)
I can even find the newer version of "Management Educations, Selectivity, Production Requirement all by John Draft" that I once had to read and memorize them to pass my tests.

Anyways, this definitely the most expensive book I bought for the night.

1,270 baht just for this book, and for God's sake, I still havent took out the plastic cover after a week.



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