08 Aug 03 - Further infos on the Explosion in Had Yai

(Continued from the earlier's post)


Amidst the chaos, in the car, I received a call that the explosions area had increased from 7 to 8, and the number of injured citizens had increased from 2 to 10.

Another call informed me that 1 of the citizen is seriously injured.

Arrived at the first explosion site in the central area, in front of the Seven Eleven, receiving news that the police had given out order to capture all suspects with the help of the CCTV. Suspects are assumed to be fully prepared with an unregistered Bike to escape from the grasp of the laws.

Had an Ice Tea during the discussion, I also found out (from a military friend) that the situation in Songkhla was now under control, and there was not much casualties in the area as 1 of the 5 bombs in Songkhla was stopped before it was detonated.

It was around a 30minutes discussion before I was asked to return home as the military are going to perform a full duty in the area, and requested all that had nothing to do with the event to return home for some rest.

It's about 1am when I reached home for sleep, thus I decided to postpone to post this.

Now to sum it all:
- There is a total of 8 areas that was included, and 3 of the 8 was stopped just before it was detonated.
- 3 of the 5 explosion sites were low pressured bombs instead of the Giant Fire Crackers, this dealing a mid-severe damage to the area.
- 10 citizens was struck in the casualty, a 16 years old local student is in a serious condition. There were no foreigner reported to be injured. However, actual report only revealed that only 3 of the citizens was injured, while all others received minor burn and bruises.

I'm going to publish my pictures once I'm permitted to.
Had to go out again so cheers.


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